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DAV Department of Michigan is divided into four (4) Districts
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District 1: Portion of the eastern lower part of the state from a line East
of US 23, north to Hwy 57 in a line to Hwy 90 to Lake Huron and South to
the State

District 2: Portion of the central and western part of the State from West
of US 23 to Lake Michigan, North to Hwy 57, to US131 to Hwy 46, and
South to the State line

District 3:  Portion of the Northern part of the state from Hwy 57,
US131, Hwy 46 and North to Mackinaw City Bridge

District 4:  The entire Upper Peninsula

DAV Auxiliary:  List of Michigan Auxiliary Units

VA Medical Centers/Veteran Homes/Cemeteries


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